Our Mission

Connecting concerned citizens with the tools and knowledge needed to face uncertainty with confidence.

Who We Are

Some of us are Parents. Some of us are Outdoorsman. Some of us are Preppers. We are all Concerned Citizens. And we are keenly aware of the fragile state of the world around us. Bunker Days is here to provide a centralized community platform to exchange ideas and take the necessary steps towards preparation and self-reliance together.

OUR Philosophy

The only certainty in life is UNCERTAINTY:

We may never see the Zombie Apocalypse in our time. But that does not preclude the fact that there is a growing sense of uncertainty in the world and tangible threats that could severely disrupt our everyday lives should they come upon us unawares. So what we can do is acknowledge and embrace this reality head-on and craft actionable plans to face uncertainty together.

Everyone's situation is different:

We firmly believe there is no single “right way” to prepare. There are just too many variables for an off-the-shelf solution. However, there is always a right way for you to prepare based on your own particular situation. These situations may vary but our stance remains that the best way to most efficiently and comprehensively address your unique concerns is through open dialogue and shared resources with a community of like-minded people.

Self-Reliance is a lifestyle, not a checklist:

Don't get us wrong - we take our inventory management seriously. But being prepared is more than purchase, store and forget. Preparation requires a level of organization and commitment that goes beyond checklists. It is about setting specific and attainable prepping goals and working towards a greater level of readiness as often and in as many ways as needed.

Our Brand

It seems that every time we turn on the television or radio, there is another natural disaster, another revolution, another event that tries the fabric of society and tests the systems in which we all co-exist. Yet no matter what form the trials and tribulations take, there is always a moment where the chaos stops. It is in those moments - the eye of the storm, the cease fire, the “Days” in the “Bunker” - where life simplifies down to the things that truly matter: Family, Friends, and the shared bonds of human beings faced with uncertainty.

Bunker Days is a metaphor for those unique and individual moments that collectively embody our community based lifestyle brand. Bunker Days is here to give us all confidence in the fact that we've taken steps to weather whatever storm might be coming our way, and reliance in ourselves to keep us and our loved ones safe during trying times. So whatever the concern or situation may be, we're here to help each other assuage the uncertainty so we can all survive and thrive in our own “Bunker Days”.

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